Deep carpet cleaning in fullerton, Caliofornia.

This time a year we are called for carpet cleaning around Orange County mainly for seasonal needs. In some cases we are called for a carpet cleaning that would get a room or a house ready for the yearly party. And so it was for our latest carpet cleaning in Fullerton, California. We were called for a one piece PJ party that started many years ago when all the kids were little. Now the kids have grown up and some are married, however, the party is still going.Therefore, we had a big responsbility on our shoulders getting the main living room ready for the Christmas party. In addition, the customer chose to add her bedroom and hallway into the whole cleaning.Or course that when we came in we saw a carpet that was well past due. As you can see in the image, the carpet is an apartment grade carpet and it has been there for 8 years. Full house with heavy foot traffic on such carpet can not last very long.So, we knew it was time to bring out the heavy machinary, and by that we mean, our super strong deep cleaning formula.

Carpet cleaning in Fullerton, California, for a matted carpet.

Not only this carpet was very dirty and stained, but it was also matted all over. A matter carpet is a worn out carpet where the fibers are torn as well. Nevertheless, we gave this carpet our full throtle carpet cleaning ans thankfully we were able to remove all the stains off. However, due to the fact the carpet is matted, it could not get the “new look” again.

Strong formula for our carpet cleaning in Fullerton, California.

Once again thanks to our unique strong formula, we were able to make a miracle happen. Nevertheless, we would like to ask from you to keep a much better maitenance on your carpet. Doing so will allow us to renew each time if the carpet cleaning is done on time.For more information about our carpet cleaning in Fullerton, California, please contact Dr. Carpe Santa Ana.