Same day carpet cleaning in Westminster, California.

Early today we got a call for same day carpet cleaning in Westminster, California. It could possible be that after the holidays the carpet has gotten really dirty, or just another carpet cleaning. However, we were able to schedule this carpet cleaning in Westnister for same day service within 2 hours of recieving the call. As we arrived to the house we saw the true need for the carpet cleaning. Although the carpet was a good quality antique-pink looking, it has sever foot traffic and other spill stains all over. Therefore, we brought out the high potency formula and began spotting the carpet all over, especially the stairs.Of course we had asked the customer how often he gets the carpet cleaned, and he replied, every 6 months. However, he added, he is not satisfied with their work. Well, based on our experience the carpet did not look well maintained, however, it is important to know.

Deep carpet cleaning in Westminster, California.

As you can see in the picture the carpet was filled with olf and new foot traffoc stains and spills. So, before we have started the process of steaming and suction, we gave it a thorough treatment.Our first step in deep carpet cleaning is heavy spotting of the really black and tough stains. We approach these stains with our 100% pure spotter. Then we agitate our formula into the stained area of the carpet.In addition, we then gove over the entire carpet and pre treat it with our main sprayer. If neceesary, like our carpet cleaning in Westminster, California, today, we strengthen this formula as well. Then, we also agitate the formula into the carpet.By this point the troubled areas on the carpet have simmered in our strong formula for 20-30 minutes and area ready to be extracted.So, we fire up our truck mount steam cleaning machine and get to work.For more information about our same day carpet cleaning in Westminster, California, please contact Dr. Carpet Santa Ana.