What Can You Do To Prepare For Getting Back To Routine?

Many of you out there waiting for the quarantine to end and for us to get back to daily routine. However, how many of you thought of the safest way to make it work? Moreover, how can you be sure that you office environment is clean and safe to be in. Some studies show that in hospitals corona virus contaminated the floor. Therefore, some medical staff potentially got exposed to corona virus through the shoes that got contaminated.So, based on the recent demand from our commercial carpet cleaning customers and residential customers, here are some key factors for corona virus cleaning and disinfecting.

Corona Virus Cleaning & Disinfecting With Fogging Mist.

Here is a list of EPA approved products for cleaning and disinfecting the corona virus. On this list there are many safe products to use in a fogging mist method inside your home and office. The fogging mist method gets the cleaning product to evaporate and penetrate the smallest cracks. Therefore, assuring a thorough cleaning and disinfecting for the virus.

Corona Virus Carpet Cleaning & Disinfecting.

As discussed earlier in this article, some studies show that the corona virus can stay on the floor for a while. Therefore, when you step on it with your shoes, you can track it other places and contaminate them. For that we have a special carpet cleaning & disinfecting service to help you feel safer.

Corona Virus Air Duct Cleaning & Disinfecting.

Just as Texas announced resuming to daily routine, we contacted one of the leading aid duct cleaning services for advice. We wanted to know more about the situation and what to prepare for. Local Houston Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning shared with us the need for air duct disinfecting. Just as we offer air duct cleaning and disinfecting to fungus from mildew, smoke and other types, we can apply a corresponding similar method to clean and disinfect your air duct for blowing cleaner, fresher air.

Upholstery Cleaning For Corona Virus.

Upholstery cleaning is a vital service for all cleaning and disinfecting purposes. The reason is that when we sit on a sofa or a chair, we breathe and contact the upholstery much closer than any other object. Therefore, we offer upholstery cleaning and disinfecting service.For more information about how to clean and disinfect against corona virus (COVID-19), please contact Dr. Carpet Santa Ana.