There are numerous reasons for why you should keep your carpet cleaned periodically. In the next article we will deliver the top 5 of them which we experienced as most important.

Number 1 – the air you breath in your house

When walking inside the house we always bring in dirt. Even if we take off our shoes. When we open the window, there is always dust that go in.All the dirt and dust that find the way to your home, eventually find a place on the carpet. we can all agree that no one want to breath that kind of air. Especialy our children should not experience a high level of dust in the air as it affects allergies.Therefor, for yourself and your family health it is highly recommended to book professional carpet cleaning at least once every 6 months.

Number 2 -your carpet visibility

We all love beautiful and clean thing. Same for out carpet at home. It is much nicer to live in a clean environement athome. Also, it is much nicer to have guests on a beautiful and clean carpet with no major stains, dog hair or any pet accident that also cause bad odors.

Number 3 – extend the carpet’s life expectancy

In many homes , there is a high quality carpet. as high as the quality goes, the price of the carpet will be high as well. Therefor, it is mutch better and cheaper to maintain the carpet with professional carpet cleaning twice a year.

Number 4 – easier maintainance for the carpet

The best way to keep your carpet in high cleaning quality is by maintain it clean all the year. it is recommend to book professional cleaning twice a year, depends if you have children at home. That is the way to maintain the carpet clean, and avoid unremoval stains. If you will book cleaning service less than that, it’s lowers the chance to take out the stains. Therefor, to make it easer and cheaper to clean your carpet, it is better to maintain the carpet clean all year.

Number 5 – prevents smells

The carpet is kind of a fabric, and as all fabrics, that fabric also append smells. In order to avoid bad smells you must maintain the cleaning and deodorizing the carpet. Like we describes earlier, it is easier to remove stains if we treat it as soon as possible. the proccess with bad smells is similar. as soon as we treat the bad smell, there is a better guarantee that it will pass away.